A memorial plaque was opened at the university to the famous scientist Heinrich Stamberger!

“A sensitive person, an outstanding scientist and an excellent teacher!” – these are the kind words that remember the famous scientist, Doctor of Technical Sciences, the first head of the department of information-measuring equipment and industrial electronics (current name is the department of information and telecommunication technologies and systems – ITTS) , Honored Inventor and Laureate of the Exhibitions of Achievements of Science and Technology, Professor Heinrich Abramovych Stamberger.

This year, in May, the 100th anniversary of the birth of this university-famous person was celebrated, and on December 4, colleagues, relatives, like-minded people and students gathered near Building №3 of Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas (Shopen St., 1) to perpetuate the memory of Heinrich Abramovych Stamberger by the opening of the memorial plaque.

The scientist was born on May 7, 1919 in the city of Tarnow, Krakow Voivodeship (Poland). In 1938 he graduated from high school in the city of Zakopane, then worked in the city of Oryol. From 1941 to 1943 he was a member of World War II, in which he was seriously wounded and was treated for a long time. In the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, Henry Abramovych moved with his family in 1969 and began working at IFNTUNG at the Department of Automation of Production Processes. In 1970, on his initiative, the department of information-measuring equipment and industrial electronics was created, which he headed. In a short period of time, the department has become a real center for research and development of information-measuring and computing systems for the oil and gas industry. Thanks to the scientific perseverance and the tireless work of Heinrich Stamberger, the department has taken leading positions among all similar structures in the oil higher education institutions. Now it is one of the leading departments of the university, which trains specialists in three prestigious modern specialties – automation and computer-integrated technologies (in the educational program – Computerized control systems and automation, and since 2020 in the educational program: System Engineering – Internet of Things), Telecommunications and radio engineering, as well as specialties – Information systems and technologies.

According to his colleagues, one can talk about the professor’s achievements in this field of science for hours: “Achievements of a scientist are 6 monographs written with his direct participation; students (under his leadership defended their dissertations for more than 20 graduate students) more than 200 scientific papers; 45 copyright certificates and inventions.
Henry Abramovych was a member of a number of methodological commissions on information-measuring equipment at the ministries of education of the USSR and Ukraine.
He skillfully combined a great scientific and methodological work with pedagogical activity. He was loved and respected. This is a person with whom, without exaggeration, a whole era has been associated with the development of oil and gas education in the Carpathian region, ” says Leonid Zamikhovsky, head of the ITTS department, who studied at this department and was a student of Stamberger A.

The rector of the university, Eustachius Kryzhanovsky, recalls the professor warmly and gratefully: “I remember Henry Abramovych from a young age. When he headed the department, I studied in the 2nd year of another specialty. This is a very interesting and extraordinary person. At one time, Henry Abramovich taught students effective methods of assimilation of information, which I use to this day. Among other scientists, he was distinguished by outstanding scientific erudition and a sense of new. He could easily determine the main direction of research.”

The daughter of Heinrich Abramovych Stamberger, Elena Genrikhovna, who was also present at the opening of the plaque, said that her father considered the best years to work at the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas.

The memory of the first head of the department, doctor of technical sciences, prof. Stamberger A. respected at the department. The laboratory of automated control systems and industrial telecommunications “Phoenix Contact” was named in his honor, a memorial stand was created about his life and career, as well as a page on the cathedral site, which contains the memoirs of his contemporaries about him.


The staff of the Department of Information and Telecommunication Technologies and Systems of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas expresses sincere gratitude to the organizations and graduates of the department who joined the financing of the manufacture of the memorial plaque to the first head of the department, Doctor of Engineering, Professor G. Stamberger, also the creation of a modern laboratory of the Internet of things, in particular:

  1. Western Engineering and Technology Center (deputy director Vargola M.A. – student of Stamberger A.);
  2. International IT Company “Perfectial” (founders Andriy Skoropad and Ivan Kogut) and the head of the Ivano-Frankivsk software development center V. P. Yakubovskiy, a graduate of the department;
  3. Galkombud LLC (to the head Galipchak R.B).


Graduates of the department:

  1. Yurkivu Andriyu Vasylovychu (group AU-92-1);
  2. Verkaltsyu Ivany Dmytrovychu (group SI-11-1);
  3. Dyblyuku Vitaliyu Zinovievychy (group AU-02-1);
  4. Ivanyshynu Andriyu Volodymyrovychu (group AU-95-1);
  5. Ivanochko Vasylyu Mykolayovychu (group AU-96-1);
  6. Struku Vasylyu Fedorovychu (group AU-94-1);
  7. Khodaku Lyubomyru Myroslavovychu (group AU-99-1);
  8. Sokolanu Danylu Yaroslavovychu (group AU-93-1);
  9. Kritsunu Yaroslavu Volodymyrovychu (group AU-97-1).


Graduates of the department who in the 70s worked with Professor Stamberger G. A.:

  1. Galanjiyu Borysu;
  2. Petrenko Victoru;
  3. Stavkiniy Lyudmyli;
  4. Chernousu Victoru.
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