Another hatacon of IT Academy

For the fourth time, the IT Academy, established at the ITTS department, whose partner is Softlist LLC (Kiev), is conducting the academic semester in the form of a 12-hour hackathon.

Hackathon organizers: Soflist LLC – Director D.Yu. Prokopenko, ITTS Department – Head of the Department Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Zamikhovsky L.M.

The theme of the hackacon was “Development of an information system to support the educational process.”

According to the hackathon legend: a well-known Ukrainian IT company, together with one of the higher educational institutions, wants to develop an information system to accompany the educational process of training IT specialists.

The system should be a website for students and teachers. All data must be stored in a database. It should be possible to download a student success report on the website in Excel format.

The developed system should have the following capabilities:

  • Allow the student to apply for participation in the training by filling out a short application form;
  • Students whose applications have been selected can access the student’s personal account on the site;
  • The administrator can add a new teacher, start a new training course, add a class schedule (date and time, course name);
  • Each teacher can:
  1. edit data about your course;
  2. create a list of modules within the course;
  3. edit module parameters (whether or not laboratory work, whether or not there is a survey after the lecture);
  4. Grade a student.
  • Student, teacher and administrator can view reports on performance:
  1. Student performance report for a specific course;
  2. General student performance (student rating for the entire year of study).
  • The academic year consists of a list of courses that can be taught by different teachers;
  • Each course consists of a certain number of modules (lectures), each of which has a theme;
  • The module can be evaluated by the teacher (mark for the test), and the module can also contain laboratory work, which is also evaluated. At the same time, some modules may not provide for evaluation of the module, some may not include evaluation of laboratory work, and some may not be evaluated at all.


15 participants were admitted to participate in the Hackathon, who are studying in the first and second courses of the IT Academy. 11 participants study at IFTUNG, and 4 participants study at the Poltava Polytechnic College NTU “KhPI”.

All hackathon participants were divided into 4 teams.

Team 1:

  1. Sobotnik Eduard (2 year);
  2. Rapiy Oleksandr (1 year);
  3. Lavriv Maksym (1 year);
  4. Boychuk Vitaliy (1 year).


Team 2:

  1. Pashkovsky Volodymyr (2 year);
  2. Tatsiy Denys (1 year);
  3. Yankiv Mykola (1 year);
  4. Yatsyshyn Bohdan (1 year).


Team 3:

  1. Savytskyi Arsen (2 year);
  2. Nazarenko Ivan (1 year);
  3. Shapovalov Ivan (1 year).


Team 4:

  1. Popovych Oleg (2 year);
  2. Kotlyar Andriy (1 year);
  3. Sysak Andriy (1 year);
  4. Komar Ilya (1 year).


The jury of the hackathons were the lecturers of the IT Academy Tymoshchuk Vyacheslav, Shtogrina Olena, Zikratyi Serhiy, Demchenko Borys, Kuz’ko Volodymyr.

According to the results of the 12-hour marathon, the team No. 1 won, which was able to demote the system with the greatest functionality.

Congratulations to the team consisting of Sobotnik Eduard, Rapiy Oleksandr, Lavriv Maksym and Boychuk Vitaliy. Each team member received a powerful bluetooth speaker as a gift.

In the individual classification, the victory was won by Andriy Kotlyar, who scored the most points among the participants in the first year of training. Gift to the winner is the smart watch Huawei Watch GT2.

Among the first-year students, Rapiy Oleksandr, who received the headphones, and Nazarenko Ivan, the backpack, were also noted.

All hackathon participants received branded event t-shirts as a keepsake.


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