Research activities

The main directions of research work:


  • methodological bases for building control systems, diagnostics and energy-saving systems of frequency control of electric drives for oil and gas facilities;
  • methodology for constructing complex distributed WEB-oriented systems for managing oil and gas facilities;
  • methods and software / hardware signal processing with polyparametric information entropy;
    conceptual foundations and design methodology for adaptive distance learning complexes for technical students;
  • unification of information and control systems for gas distribution stations based on Simatic S7 equipment and IP GPRS technology.


In the framework of these areas until 2016, the following state budget themes were carried out at the department:

1. “Methodological basis for the construction of control systems, diagnostics and energy-saving systems of frequency control of electric drives for oil and gas facilities”.

2. “Theoretical basis for the design of hardware and software tools to support the functioning of distance learning systems of a technical direction.”

Separate sections of the first of these topics were also carried out within the framework of a cooperation agreement with the Engineering and Technical Center of the state enterprise Siemens Ukraine in the following areas:

  • “The unification of information and control systems for gas distribution stations based on Simatic S7 equipment and IP GPRS technology”;
  • “Methods of remote parameterization and diagnostics of“ smart ”primary transducers of physical quantities”;
  • “Development and research of energy-saving systems of frequency control of electric drive based on PLC Simatic S7 and equipment of Sinamics G120.” Siberia of this direction is due to the fact that research, design and implementation of energy-saving technologies in all areas of modern production is a pressing scientific and technical problem.


Since 2016, the department has been running the departmental state budget theme: “Scientific basis for the construction of virtual learning spaces and distributed systems for monitoring, control, management and diagnostics of objects and processes of the oil and gas complex of Ukraine based on modern information technologies”

Within the framework of the theme, work is underway to develop a future virtual educational space (VNP), which includes:

  • development of interactive learning complexes based on the open source code LMS Moodle educational process management system;
  • the design of these complexes is carried out on the basis of models of interactive learning and conceptual thinking, the theory and practice of social constructivism;
  • development of a subsystem for remote diagnosing the level of students’ knowledge on the basis of intellectual testing methods that are as close as possible to the specifics of training engineering personnel;
  • development of laboratory practicals for remote access based on existing at the department of the latest hardware and software from leading companies in the world using WEB 2.0 technology and cloud computing.


In the framework of this topic are also performed work:

  • on modeling and development of complex distributed WEB-oriented control systems based on SCADA-systems, including the development of new topologies of complex distributed WEB-oriented control systems based on SCADA-systems, simulation modeling of control system components, development of methods for integrating models into control systems and developing instrumental hardware-software complex for the study of control systems;
  • development of methods for constructing computer control systems based on RTX technologies (RUN TIME EXTENDED — real-time extension) and software controllers (Soft Controllers), which include developing ways of organizing real-time expansion for operating systems, developing and researching topology of control systems based on Soft Controllers , the development of methods for configuring and parameterizing Soft Сontrollers, as well as the implementation of computer control systems based on RTX technology and software PLC;
  • on the development of diagnostic software (models, methods, procedures, algorithms and technical zabiv) objects and processes of the oil and gas complex based on artificial intelligence systems, genetic algorithms, expert assessments and others.

The department also takes part in the university-wide integrated target program “Scientific and organizational basis for increasing the production of domestic oil and gas and diversifying the supply of energy resources to improve the energy security of Ukraine”, namely, in the following sections performs the following research projects:

1. “The development of scientific and practical foundations of high-quality well construction for the development of hard-to-reach oil and gas deposits”:

  • study of the vibration state of the drill string (BK) and the stress-strain state of the elements of BK in the process of deepening a well using intelligent sensors;
  • diagnosing the state of the sucker strings during operation of deviated wells.

2. “Development of the technology of reliable and energy-efficient operation of the oil transport system of Ukraine for incomplete loading and taking into account the prospects for oil revenues from alternative sources”:

  • development of a method and system of control over unauthorized access to main and technological gas pipelines;
  • development of methods and systems for monitoring the stress-strain state of vertical steel tanks;
  • development of a frequency-controlled drive of pumping units of reservoir pressure maintenance systems and pumping stations of main oil pipelines.

3. “Development of technology for reliable and energy efficient operation of the gas transmission system of Ukraine for incomplete loading, taking into account reverse operating modes and prospects for gas supplies from alternative sources”:

  • development of methods and technical tools for diagnosing aging of insulation and short-circuiting windings of electrical equipment of objects of hydraulic structures.

The department takes part in the international project TEMPUS 544010-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES “Training in Automation Technologies” (Training in Automation Technologies for Ukraine – TATU) in the framework of which received four specialized mobile laboratories (smart lab) German company “Phoenix Contact”. At the end of October 2015, on the basis of the department, training was conducted on the use of mobile laboratories for university teachers participating in the project, and a coordination meeting of the project consortium members – partners from the University of Dusseldorf of Applied Sciences (Germany), the University of Antwerp was held.(Belgium), Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), Fraunhof Institute of Industrial Engineering (Germany).

According to the results of tender bidding in accordance with the announcement number UA-2017-02-15-002521-c, the department of ITTS concluded with contract Ukrtransgaz contract No. 17030006355 of 23.03.2017 “Integrated engineering services (development of diagnostic software (methodological and regulatory framework) of the technical condition of automation systems at facilities of the UMG Prikarpattransgas branch for a period up to December 31, 2018 with funding in the amount of UAH 598.80 thousand.

The purpose of the contract is to develop diagnostic support for the reliability of the technical condition of automation systems – a methodological framework for monitoring, analyzing, calculating and predicting the main indicators of the operational reliability of automation systems (automated and automated control systems “GPA-KS”) at the facilities of Ukrtransgas. The introduction of such diagnostic software will make it possible to reasonably assess the reliability of automation systems and their structural units (for example, ACS GPU) for compliance with regulatory documents and decide on the extension of their service life or decommissioning. The latter will prevent the occurrence of emergency situations associated with the failure of the automation system or its structural elements.

Every year, the staff of the department publish about 60 articles, including in professional journals that are included in the list of the SSC of Ukraine and scientometric databases, participate in national and international scientific and technical conferences and seminars.

The department has a postgraduate study in specialties 05.13.07 “Automation of management processes” and 05.11.13 “Instruments and methods for monitoring and determining the composition of substances”, in which graduate students and applicants of the scientific degree study.

On the basis of the department for more than two decades, the International Interuniversity School-Seminar “Methods and Diagnostic Tools in Engineering and Society” has been held, the supervisor of which is prof. Zamikhovsky L.M., and since 2012, the department has founded the annual All-Ukrainian scientific-practical seminar “Modern information technologies in distance education”, as well as a permanent scientific seminar (held every two months), which examines the results of the work of graduate students, state budget and contractual topics, as well as materials of articles that are planned to be published in foreign journals that are included in the gauge databases.