Specialty 126 “Information Systems and Technologies”


Knowledge Area: 12 Information Technology

Modern life can not be imagined without computers, gadgets, various equipment and electronic devices. The third millennium was a period of continuous integration of information systems and technologies in all spheres of human activity. The rapid development of information society has necessitated the introduction of automated information management systems for enterprises. The development of information technology is happening at such a rate that there is a constant shortage of specialists in this profile.

Information systems and technologies are in great demand in the modern market. They entered into all spheres of our life, play a significant role in shaping the reality.

The constant development of information technology leads to the need to adapt. The design of information systems requires imagination and the ability to find new solutions.

The training of specialists in the specialty 126 “Information Systems and Technologies” provides for the study of the theoretical and methodological foundations and tools for creating and using information technologies in various fields of human activity;principles of optimization and models, decision-making methods for creating information systems for various purposes; intelligent information technologies to create the latest systems of accumulation, processing, storage of information and management systems; modern technologies of designing and developing software;technologies and methods for designing information systems; hardware creation and support of modern information networks.

Typical tasks of an information systems and technology specialist:

– Information and analytical support for business processes of information systems.

– Development of information systems projects.

– Development of consulting projects in the field of information.

– Implementation of the project information system at a specific object.

– Maintenance and operation of information systems and information technologies.

– Training users of information systems and information technology.

– Research in the field of information.

– Designing the technological process of collecting, processing, storing and transmitting information.

The specialty “Information Systems and Technologies” provides tremendous opportunities for a successful career, system thinking and solid preparation allow the graduate to easily adapt to various areas of information systems and technologies.

Graduates of the specialty can work as analysts of computer information systems, programmers, project managers, administrators of information systems and networks, database administrators, design and implement complex information systems and technologies.

Higher Education Level: First Bachelor’s Level

Duration of study: 4 years, 2 (3) years on a reduced program

Qualifications: Bachelor of Information Systems and Technology

Object of study: theoretical and methodological foundations and tools for the creation and use of information technologies and systems in various fields of human activity, national economy and production; evaluation criteria and methods for ensuring the quality, reliability, resiliency, survivability of information technologies and systems, as well as the principles of optimization, models and methods of decision making under uncertainty when creating information systems for various purposes; patterns of development of information communications and the development of theoretical and applied foundations for the construction and implementation of intelligent information technologies for the creation of new systems for the accumulation, processing, storage of information and control systems.