Specialty 151 “Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies”

Specialty 151 “Automation and computer-integrated technologies”,
educational program “computerized control systems and automation” (formerly “System Engineering”)

Knowledge Area: 15 Automation and Instrumentation

Systems engineering is a prestigious trend that has arisen in the most developed countries of the world as an urgent need for industry, business, research in professional personnel, capable of solving the issues of creating and operating sophisticated highly automated technical cybernetic and organizational systems based on the latest achievements of world science and technology with extensive use of computing technology and intelligent information systems.

With today’s tough competitive conditions for business development, professionals all over the world who possess modern high-tech technologies are required to clearly know how to ensure the high quality of operation of complex technical systems and maintain the competitiveness of both manufactured products and organizations in real market conditions. The solution of these tasks is possible only with the widespread use of information technologies, which are now used in all spheres of human activity.

A special feature of the training of specialists in this educational program is the in-depth study of modern high-tech branches of science and technology: information technologies; computer, microprocessor technology and electronics; systems and networks of data transmission and telecommunications; computerized control systems.During training, students receive in-depth knowledge of: programming (algorithmic languages ​​and programming, object-oriented programming, modern programming technologies, system programming, databases, operating systems, WEB-technologies, etc.).

The activities of specialists are aimed at researching, creating and implementing:

– computerized control systems;

– microprocessor systems and automation;

– telecommunication systems and networks in management;

– computerized local systems and networks.

Graduates of the educational program can work as specialists from computerized control systems, data processing and programming, information protection, development and use of various microcontrollers, as computer network administrators, project managers, commissioning engineers, testers of sophisticated electronic, computer and automatic equipment , as well as research engineers.

Higher Education Level: First Bachelor’s Level

Duration of study: 4 years, 2 (3) years on a reduced program

Qualifications: Bachelor of Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies

Object of study: technical, software, mathematical, informational and organizational support of automation systems for collecting, transmitting and processing information, as well as managing processes and production in various industries, agriculture, transport and other automation objects at various levels of their management and their integration to organizational and technical systems using modern microprocessor technology, specialized application software and information GOVERNMENTAL technologies.

Higher Education Level: Second Master Level

Duration of study: 1 year and 4 months

Qualification: Master of Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies

Object of study: objects of management (technological processes of production, organizational structures), technical, informational, mathematical, software and organizational support of automation systems in various industries.